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Clinical Software
Best Practice ---- Indigo -- Jade -- Known Issues --  Video ---- Forums  (login req)
Best Practice -eprescribing Resources  Aug 2020
Medical Director Clinical ---- Online Help ---- Training Videos
Medical Director Helix
Communicare ---- Support
Inca---- Support ----Training Videos
Medtech ---- FAQs
Zedmed ---- Manual  Nov 19
Information and Audit
PenCS ---- Support ---- Training Videos --- MyPen  (login required)
Polar Data Solutions
Doctor's Control Panel
Canning Tool
Secure Messaging and SMS
Healthlink ---- Support ---- User Directory  (login required)
HL Connect   (login required)
HotDoc ---- Support ----- Training Videos
Medi2Apps  New
Referralnet ---- Support
Medical Objects     Knowledge Base    User Directory
Patient Mobile Applications
Healthi - App for MyHR access
Snug Health App 11/19
Digital Health Guide   - Massive Health App Database  (subscription required)